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new help file for character description

I have attached a new help file for the character description modes. Feedback is welcomed as are Flames

The following questions are still open:
1. What is the difference between GameTurns and StandardTurns?
2. The player compact mode in a subwindow has a different order by class and title than in the main window. Feature?
3. How is a player suposed to find out the rod/stave/wand powerlevel to determine a possible power boost? (I would like if the inspect command would deliver the base damage of the item as well as the current with the actual character's device skill value.)
4. What is changing the name good for?
5. Should the status line abreviations should be included into this file? (Would make sense, since very close to the topics discussed under extra description.)
6. What is the secondary effect of chaos attacks? (I think i polymorphed some monsters, but can that also happen to the player?)
7. What effect gives 'Might'?
8. What is the difference between rFear and Fear?

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