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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
To modify this just a bit. Make the OoD check dependent upon character level. At CL1 almost nothing out of depth will appear. At CL50, anything can happen, and usually will. Ancient Dragons on DL1, no problem (we can presume that Morgoth becomes more aware of the PC as he gains power and actively sends minions after him). Most of the game will function largely as it does now, with moderate leveled characters
facing moderately OoD enemies a moderate amount of the time. I particularly like idea this because for a large part of the game it's a rather small change to the status-quo.
Damn but you have some good ideas. There's absolutely no reason why the OOD check has to be the same throughout the game. IMO we should keep some OOD chance at cl1, but I'd be quite happy to see what happened if we upped the existing OOD calc with a small term that depended linearly on clev. I think perhaps the clev should affect the extent to which monsters can be OOD, rather than the chance of them being OOD. Or perhaps both.

Definitely one to ponder.
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