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Originally Posted by Matthias View Post
Is there any way to find out if you are just in the middle of changing something on the files, or are you one of the three persons on earth who only commit complete changes?
I'm good on ensuring that the game compiles - although the platform I ensure this on varies (was Windows, now OS/X).

I'm not so good on ensuring the game is 'playable': for instance, I did a number of incremental updates to mage spells that left mages unplayable for about 2 weeks. This is primarily because I also use SVN as a backup tool.

I'm very clear about when I break save file compatibility, and try to queue up the save file compatibility changes and do them all at once. This is because a few people do play direct from the SVN updates, and I also repair the occasional save file for other people, which means I have to be more judicious about save file changes.

For instance, I'm going to do a save file 'bump' at some point, to add level_flags to the save file, status about whether or not the player is using their mana reserve, and a few other small fixes (fixing up mage spell book ordering etc). This'll be done just prior to beta1 of 0.6.2 I expect.

So you're pretty safe playing from the SVN version.

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