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Originally Posted by pav View Post
Heh, that's hell of a guide. Wouldn't it be easier to
1) pull down the zip archive with the branch from SVN web interface, thus eliminating Eclipse
Unless you want to stay up to date, where repeatedly downloading a zip file, expanding it, and building it is more time consuming then selecting two menu items within Eclipse (Team, Update and Make Targets, Build...)

2) get Cygwin up and running, thus eliminating hacking system PATHs all around the place and nuff?
I'm not familiar enough with Cygwin, having decided on Mingw early on in Unangband's development. IIRC, Cygwin required that you get your end users to set up a Cygwin environment to run the application you distribute, whereas Mingw produced 'stand alone' executables.

The hack the path work is minimal.
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