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Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
Your base melee was really low for V. Usually I aim for around 20 melee/evasion, sometimes less evasion and more melee. Having Momentum and Strength, and maybe a ring of Strength instead of the evasion ring, would have gotten you up to 9 strength with a potion, which would mean hitting 2d11x2 in the throne room vs. 2d8. I find that it helps to have two-weapon fighting too. Dodging+Flanking is also useful once you've cleared out the opening crowd of enemies, because with !quickness it is like pseudo-haste. This way you can stack up a lot more damage to big V.
Is that 20 final evasion or 20 points invested? I've become obsessed with evasion on my characters because I really don't like getting hit. It works extremely well with riposte, allowing you to kill even enemies you have a hard time hitting. I don't know what you mean by pseudo-haste. With !quickness it doesn't make you hit any faster than just standing and attacking, does it?

I'm surprised you didn't have song of the trees, to me it's almost a required ability for everyone.
I found a brass lantern of brightness quite early and a helm of brilliance and a Feanorian lamp of brightness not long afterward. This turned out to be more than enough light to kill Shelob and a Gwathrauko hiding behind her. Besides that, I didn't have too many issues with darkness at all.
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