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Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
- How exactly does player perma-haste work? Does it apply to both attacks and movement, or is it just like having Sprinting on at all times?
It applies to attacks and movement. "Fast" is 1.5x normal speed, not 2x.

Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
- I'm a little confused about how Concentrate works, or, in particular, what breaks concentration. If I have ZoC or have Rage active, but attack the same enemy each turn, will I still build up a concentration bonus? What about flanking - does it count as an attack for the purposes of concentration? What about targetting an enemy with an arrow and missing? It would be nice to have a status counter that showed what's going on with this ability.
Sil separates attacks into something like "directed" and "reactive". Directed attacks happen when you explicitly take an action by moving or bumping (e.g. hitting something, flanking something.) Reactive attacks happen as a side-effect of a directed action from player or monster (e.g. initial bump causes a rage whirlwind on adjacent monsters, monster movement triggers ZoC or opportunist.)

IIRC, directed attacks build and break concentration, the others do not. You can confirm this for yourself by turning on the combat rolls window and watching what's happening.

Specifically re: your shooting question, missing an opponent doesn't kill concentration, but it will kill it if you accidentally hit a different target (e.g. arrow flies over your target and hits the dude behind it.)

I think some of this stuff about which attacks count for what is in the manual, but the combat roll window is always the easiest way to answer these questions, I think.

Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
- I know Finesse reduces the base number needed for a critical hit from 7 + weight to 6+ weight. The description of subtlety says it reduces the base number by 2. Does this mean the critical hit number is now 4 + weapon weight, or is the "base" still treated as 7 (in which case it would be 5 + weight)?
Finesse + subtlety = base 4.
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