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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
The helpfiles are out of date to be sure, but you shouldn't be getting ?'s on things that have been identified if the easy_id birth option was on.
The (?) ring was on a second char with easy_id off. I only use easy_id in the early game in other forks. And here, easy_id has no early game function, so doing without.

Why doesn't Identify work on (?) items? Equipping a cursed item early game without assured Removes can be lethal, and not allowing accessory items to be identified just seems needlessly cruel.

Really liking the Hexblade concept, Hex works so much better as an adjunct to Melee than as a caster's primary tool.

My first char died to overconfidence, got into trouble until a double fail to read a TPort scroll, ouch.
Second Hexblade is breezing along.

In other concerns,

Basic ammunition availability: I am a missile weapon addict on my characters so it is disheartening to need to rely on the vagaries of the RNG to buy an arrow or sling stone.
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