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New builds are up on the nightlies page and (source is here) with the following changes:
  • Correct several errors found by PowerWyrm (#4240)
  • Remove some redundant flags in monster.txt (thanks eastwind) (#4265)
  • Made some improvements to necromancers, including notable replacing Noxious Fumes by a chaos attack (suggested by Sinquen, #4331)
  • Fix some quiver anomalies pointed out by wobbly (#4238); there's still some slight weirdness where you can carry more stuff with careful use of inscriptions, but it's pretty intuitive now
  • Implementation by backwardsEric of his idea that detect/sense objects should also wipe things that the player thought were objects but now aren't, and some other code improvements
Big change to blackguards from David Medley should be landing soon, too.
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