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Exclamation Compiling Angband 3.0.9 w/ xcode on OSX

sorry to ask silly questions.
but mac knowlage is hard to come by and i've never been shy.

I'm working on compiling angband 3.0.9 in xcode. 2.4.1
I'm kinda a 'newbie' at this. so bare with me. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong........

my project is a basic ' carbon app ' type.

i am using the main-crb.c

i removed all other main.XXX files.
and all the other files that did not go with the mac.

I found very little to change in the src files. this may be my mistake...

or maybe i took to many files out.

as for the distructions in the main-crb.c

* For the best compatibility with the Classic ports and my PEF Carbon
* ports, my_fopen, fd_make and fd_open [in util.c] should call
* (void)fsetfileinfo(buf, _fcreator, _ftype);

i did not find 'my_open' , 'fd_make' or 'fd_open' in [ util.c ] file.

* when a file is successfully opened. Or you'll see odd icons for some files
* in the lib folder. In order to do so, extern.h should contain these lines,
* extern int fsetfileinfo(char *path, u32b fcreator, u32b ftype);
* extern u32b _fcreator;
* extern u32b _ftype;
* And enable the four FILE_TYPE macros in h-config.h for defined(MACH_O_CARBON)

I also did not find a h-config.h file

* The "angband" binary must be arranged this way for it to work:
* lib/ <- the lib folder
* Angband (OS X).app/
* Contents/
* MacOS/
* angband <- the binary you've just compiled
* Info.plist <- to be explained below
* Resources/
* Angband.icns
* Data.icns
* Edit.icns
* Save.icns
* 8x8.png <- 8x8 tiles
* 16x16.png <- 16x16 tiles
* angband.rsrc <- see below

thats what it said it should look like and
looking inside a pre-compiled angband thats indeed what it looks like

Now in my xcode project this is what i built.

Level 1 Angband project folder
* Level 2 MacOS/
level 3 4 icon,
level 3 osx_tables.h,
level 3 /English.|proj
level 4 Main.nib
are in this directory,
* Level 2 Info.plist
* Level 2 Resources/
level 3 files from the src
level 3 /lib
Level 2 /frameworks
level 3 /linked frameworks
level 4 Cocoa.framework
level 3 /linked frameworks
level 4 appkit.framework
level 4 Coredata.framework
level 4 Foundation.framework
Level 2 /Products
level 3
Level 1 Targets
Level 1 Executables
Level 1 errors and warnings
Level 1 Find results
Level 1 Bookmarks
Level 1 SCM
Level 1 Project Symbols
Level 1 Implementation Files
Level 1 NIB Files

it makes an app.

and it only gets one warning......

Building target “Angband” of project “Angband” with configuration “Debug” — (1 warning)
Checking Dependencieswarning: no rule to process file '$(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/../../../../Angband/' of type sourcecode.pascal for architecture ppc
warning: no rule to process file '$(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/../../../../Angband/' of type sourcecode.pascal for architecture ppc
Build succeeded (1 warning)

but the app does not do anything.

and there is also a ' PkgInfo ' file in the Contents of the Build.

everything else is where it should be.

i feel that i just havent changed the write things inside the files of the src.

but there is very little documentation around for mac compiling .

or that something i took out needs to be there.

or both.

there are so many files that seem to need be needed.

any help would be great.

I want to get better at this. and i so do love angband.

tanks for your time.

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