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Yes, as I note, I have modified these for my own use, I was offering them up for consideration for wider adoption. And I'd forgotten engagement ring, that really was one of my last favourite!

And will-asher is right about the wands, the concept is stolen from books about a certain boy wizard I know what you mean about yeti, but I was running a bit short of creatures that were fantastical but also familiar; I mean, I had to put Yale in, I know what a Yale is but I bet a lot pf people don't! (I'm interested in heraldry too, you see - I even considered melusine but thought that was a bit way out).

Actually, that makes me realise I could have had mermaid... tsk.

I also realised, once I was committed to this, that there are a limited number of possible 'body parts' you can conceive as being in a wand; if anyone can offer any other ideas, I'd be grateful for my list, even if no one else takes this up.

Pity you don't like the potions, I find those very evocative. And who can resist being able to tell someone what tenne or vespertine is?
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