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Originally Posted by JamesDoyle View Post
Yes, as I note, I have modified these for my own use, I was offering them up for consideration for wider adoption.
I implemented quite a lot of your suggestions for the next DaJAngband release. (I even used a couple of the potion flavours to make there be less types of 'speckled' potions.)

Originally Posted by JamesDoyle View Post
I also realised, once I was committed to this, that there are a limited number of possible 'body parts' you can conceive as being in a wand; if anyone can offer any other ideas, I'd be grateful for my list, even if no one else takes this up.
Here's a couple other wand flavours I used:
Catoblepas Hair
Cyclops Eye
Phoenix Spices (based on the alternate phoenix myth about it rising from a bed of spices.) (that makes two things from the Phoenix, but that's okay)
Zhelung Scale (magical lizard I made up which is in DaJAngband)
Druj Bone
Fairy Dust
Xan Stinger (from Mayan mythology)

and changed:
hippogriff feather to hippogriff hoof
roc feather to roc talon (you had five kinds of feathers so I changed a couple for veriety)
siren tongue to siren lip
wyvern talon to wyvern scale (because I tend to think of wyverns as worm-shaped and not having appendages.)

PS what is an Amphisbaena?
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