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Should I quit?

Hi all.

I am playing a High elf mage, character level 26, max dungeon level 20.

I have had some luck in finding good stuff. Have Mordenkainen's escapes and Scarabtarices, the daggers Nimthanc and Dethanc, the cap of Thengel, the gloves Cambeleg. Also found a ring of speed +3 and a few more trinkets. Unfortunately, have only managed to *identify* Dethanc.

My problem is the following: while I have the elemental resistances more or less well covered, I have neither res. confusion, nor res. blind, nor free action, etc. Nothing, nada. Should I continue or just suicide this char? If you advise to continue what should I be on the lookout for? How should I proceed?

This character is about as high as I have gone (yeah, as newbie as it gets), so I really do not know what is waiting for me out there. Still have not hit nothing I could not take, but the lack of all those resistances is *really* getting me worried.

TIA, regards,
G. Rodrigues
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