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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Thanks for feedback.

Perhaps we should:
* stop advertising features and start advertising the qualities that emerge thanks to features, such as interesting AI, levels very different one from another, distinct possible play (or even role-play) styles, etc.
Reading about immersive themes and improved play options does sound better to me than a huge list of features. Share what those features add to the game, what they make possible.

* improve and simplify UI for the new features (both for player actions and for display of the new things); personally I'd also unify some rules a little bit more (though Un is already quite unified)
This was the thing that put me off the most. This sounds like a good move. Keep the additional features, but integrate them in such a way so the player is not overwhelmed with having to track 'too much iinformation.' A level of complexity forcing the player to stay aware of whats happening is one thing. Having so much going on that it takes two or three minutes to determine the next move is another.

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