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I could be wrong, but I think that maybe when people see a long list of "new stuff" added to a game, Slash'Em might come to mind. I played that for a few weeks, until I saw for myself that all those New Goodies were just thrown in helter skelter, and apart from saying "oh look, that's new" it not only didn't add anything real to the game, it just unbalanced it pretty badly. And Unangband is -completely- opposite of that.

So I think you're on the right track there. People who play these games seem to look for a new experience, new type of gameplay, overall differences rather than little specific ones like items.

Elsairon - it really is an absorbing game. I'm quite impressed with it, to the extent that I'm actually ignoring my other games in favor of it. And that's saying something.

Originally Posted by Daven_26d1
The in-game tips are a great idea, but still not enough.
Speaking of which... one way to eradicate redundancy would be to code the notes to appear when the subject is encountered for the first time. Obviously that would only apply to items (like the notes on mushrooms, potions). Basic gameplay notes would have to be done differently. Just a thought. The repitition honestly isn't at a level of being an annoyance - more just an appearance of imperfection, really.

And Daven, it's wonderful of you to offer to help with the documentation. I hope that works out. I'd love to lend a hand myself, but being such a beginner at this really hampers me there.

Bandobras - I decided to post a list of my results in a separate thread, since it's really so off topic for this one. I put it here.
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