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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Making brand multiply all of the damage is imo problematic. Thats like extra attacks, and those are a) rare and b) at most 50% (mage 4 attacks -> 6 attacks from a +2 weapon).

Why not mulitply dice only as its now ?
It does, currently. When talking to fizzix last night I hadn't actually looked properly at the code, but the relevant step in the calculation is:

total_dam = dice_dam * (prowess_mult + slay_mult[best_slay])

So in fact the best slay is still only multiplying the base damage from dice. The difference is that the +dam from prowess is now added at the same time instead of afterwards.

So with apologies to fizzix, we don't need such a drastic recalculation of the slay multipliers.

We DO, however, need to think about how they should stack. The stacking of slays and brands on an object (from receiving the same affix more than once) is now a natural consequence of them using pvals, and provides a good way of making a smoother power curve throughout the dungeon.

My suggestion was that multipliers should start off about half what they are now, so x2/x3/x5 should become x1.5/x2/x3 (which is half the +%). Then a second application of the affix would equal the current multipliers, while a third (very rare) would exceed them on endgame weapons.

Fizzix went on to suggest that we should apply diminishing returns, so that each subsequent application of a slay adds only half the additional multiplier, e.g. x2 then x2.5 then x2.75 etc.

I like diminishing returns in general, but combining these two would mean that slays and brands would never reach their original strength. So perhaps something like x1.8/x2.4/x3.6 which would then become x2.2/x3.1/x4.9 with a second application and x2.4/x3.45/x5.55 with a third.

All views welcome.
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