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Not enough lights for my liking, so I'll add:

Helm of brilliance [-1,1d2] - 9 pts , armoursmith, enchantment
Lesser Jewel of Brilliance - 10 pts, jeweler, enchantment
Lesser Jewel of Grace - 15 pts, jeweler, enchantment
Feanorian Lamp of Brillance - 16 pts, jeweler, enchantment
Feanorian Lamp of Grace - 21 pts, jeweler, artifice

The Taoist in me can't resist:
Shadow Cloak of Light - 27 pts, armoursmith, artifice

& I hate shadows enough for:
2 pd Mithril Longsword "Noon" - light, slay undead - 16 pts, weaponsmith, artifice
Doubles as a good anti-shadow spider weapon

Almost forgot:
Longbow of Radiance - 9pts, weaponsmith, enchantment
So very, very useful for early game survivability
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