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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Kill was mostly me skillfully finding Anguirel, Maeglin and Finrod on the same character. I had really good equipment finds in general. The 8+ staffs of treasure and recharging helped.
Thanks for the run-down. Obviously there was a bit of luck getting to a critical mass of evasion (good rings, silverhand adding another point, Maeglin and Finrod) which made you very difficult to kill, but still: 48ish Evasion with Dodging and Dex potion is exceptionally high. This close to blanks everything but Morgoth's final phase. This is game-breaking levels of Evasion, and currently the only things that really mess with Evasion are mostly contained by stacking free-action.

I think also relevant is the damage output - Oath of Silence going from +1 Dex to +2 Str adds a lot of damage here particularly with Rapid Attack (2 damage sides * 3 dice * 2 blows and possibly another 2 * 2 from a Vengeance die) - and I need to think a little bit about whether the Oath of Silence change tips the meta toward heavy weapons too much particularly as you took Finesse over Power, which I think is probably suboptimal for your final loadout. Giving up Songs like Freedom and Staying in the throne room is fairly significant, but with such high Evasion they're less necessary.

I say this because sufficiently high damage output means you only need survive Morgoth's final phase for a few blows.

On the one hand I don't want fights to drag out because the player lacks damage output, but getting to practically invulnerable defences should come with a tradeoff. I feel you weren't at much risk against Morgoth, and dropped him very fast.

Probably my main takeaway here though is that 40 Evasion is partially possible through only having 8 Will, and examining how to keep evasion builds honest probably involves making Will more directly relevant in non free-action contexts.

In any case while I may fret about tweaks, considerable skill is needed in any case to navigate an Edain to such a victory, so congratulations again, it's a notable achievement.
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