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The Cthangband 6.6 launcher defaulted to Consolas Bold font for me, which in Fullscreen on my 1920x1080 display made the game incredibly hard to read. I couldn't find a way to change font while in game, so I exited and did some experimentation, eventually finding MS Gothic, which was a vast improvement in scale and legibility.

I'm not sure if the game has Consolas Bold specified as a default, or if that's just the top one in my font list or something and so got selected automatically, but it's very bad as a first impression and really doesn't do the game justice.

Also, I kept hitting Esc multiple times to back out of menus impatiently, and this kept bringing up the quit the game y/n prompt, which was a little unnerving; tying backing out of menus to Esc is expected, but to have it also prompt you to quit the game each time you hit it an extra time is kind of scary.
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