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Originally Posted by Dean Anderson View Post
I also use fullscreen on 1920x1080, and I prefer to use Consolas Bold as the font because I think it looks best (especially on main game display). That's why I chose to use it as the default font.
Before reaching the dungeon display screen, the new player has to find their way through a screen or two of text, and in Consolas Bold on my display, those screens were nearly illegible. The colored text on a graphical background probably wasn't helping, I suppose. But the text was also bold and very stretched horizontally. It was really hard to read the instructions.

It just goes to show how subjective font choice is, since I think it's the best font and you think it leaves a bad first impression.
I don't know if you're going to find many people who think those first few pages of text are easy to read, especially not in squished Consolas Bold.

Anyway, you can select any monospace font that you have installed - although whatever font you choose it will probably be squashed slightly as most fonts are taller than they are wide and the game has to squish each character into a square grid cell.
Would it look better if you scaled without altering the font's aspect ratio? Ie, without squishing it? I don't get the same sense that fonts are being squished when I select different fonts in Sil-Q, for instance, or when I tried different fonts for the Windows console display of DCSS. You might also consider a specifically tailored, somewhat squared and bold font, such as Angband uses for its main window display.
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