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Originally Posted by Hounded View Post
I'd have to say Blackguard is arguably my favorite class now. With mana you need to get out of the "horde it for when I need it" mindset and instead use it as soon as it's available. I conduct myself in what feels like a perpetual headlong rush from one victim to the next before my mana all converts to HP.

Summoning curses can actually be nice for them as an occasional skeleton (or whatever) popping up is a nice mana boost if you're down to nothing. Rings of open wounds or anything with aggravation also complement the class nicely.
I finally got a (Dwarf, pretty good race for a BG) blackguard off the ground. It would help if there were some sort of "mechanics FAQ" for all the classes. E.g., I wasn't aware previously that a BG casting heals some HP.

Blackguard is definitely fun and a big change from my usual style of super-stealthy pick-n-choose-fights low-HP mages.

p.s. Hold Monster has a whole new meaning with BG: "Where you going, buddy?! Hahaha!"

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