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Just stopping in to add my two cents.

I am one of the more casual PosChengband players that isn't really a fan of many of the changes in the later versions of the game. I enjoy the vastly wider array of race/class combinations that poschengband and predecessors had, and often played for roleplaying purposes - that is, I thought a specific race class combination sounded interesting, and wanted to play as that, rather then approaching from a strategic perspective and choosing race and class based on that.

Needless to say, I never got anywhere with even the easier versions of poschengband(and predecessors) - maxed out at maybe level 35, and that was a *really* good game, before dying to something.

I don't have the time or mental focus to spend long enough on a game like this to learn to play it well enough to have a legitimate chance of winning - I just wanted to play for the enjoyment of it, and unfortunately, the direction Chris has taken it has sort of reduced my interest in it.

All that said, he's the maintainer. You want a game that plays the way you want, write it yourself, don't complain about the existing game. And perhaps that's why there are so many forks out there(I assume this is some kind of micro-variant? new concept to me, but I've been away from Angbandish games for awhile), but I think Chris's desire for those making and playing these forks to unmistakeably identify the fact that they aren't his game is entirely reasonable.

I also don't really understand the need for vitriol of any kind... it's a game. Play it, or don't. But don't lose your s**t over it. I would like to think that this community ought to be better then much of the rest of the internet in that regard.

Chris, keep doing what you're doing. Your design philosophy is solid, and while it doesn't really cater to someone like me, I can still appreciate and respect it. I've been a long time player and fan of Poschengband, and while it no longer really does for me what it used to, it's still an excellent game, and I'll continue to follow its development, if it a distance.

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