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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I generally stock 5 Word of Recall in town, so I have one to get me down, one to get me back up, and three spares. They're cheap and weigh next to nothing, so why not?

Damage rings are very useful. What's on your other finger that you'd rather replace =Damage? If it's See Invisible, you might consider wearing the =Damage most of the time and carrying the =SeeInvis as a swap ring for when you encounter invisible enemies.

In any event, keep it around in case you find gloves or boots or other gear that gives Free Action.
My sword (Holy Avenger) lets me see invisible, so invisible creatures aren't dangerous to me until I replace it. The other ring is =Strength<+3>, which gives me almost two hits with my sword. I could purchase a =Dexterity<+2> in the black market right now if I wanted a solid two blows per round, but I think I'd rather keep the =Damage and the fractional blow.

Edit: Azog, King of the Uruk-hai is terrifying. It took three teleports to escape both him and the level after trying to fight him and changing my mind. Is he one of the more nefarious uniques at this depth?

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