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Originally Posted by Ipnoom View Post
Hello all, hopefully this has not been covered, but in my glances through the forum, I did not see this covered, but if it has, please feel free to link me to it

I am thinking if you took a Naugrim of the House of Nogrod, 0/3/4/4 starting stats. Put 7 points into smithing, 3 points into melee and 4 points into evasion. Take Weaponsmithing, Jewelry, and artistry. This idea had you making a throwing axe that is +1 and .9 lbs and 2 rings of accuracy +2 at the first forge. As you level, you take finesse, subtlety etc.

I am not sure if this is viable, or if there is some sort of defect to the throwing axe being wielded by hand or if sub 1 lb axes drop very often (or ever) or any comments.

Feel free to criticize or amend anything I have suggested.
I don't think you can craft .9 lbs weapons anymore. Also throwing axes are bad fencing weapons because their dice are so small. A crit with a shortsword is worth two with a throwing axe (not quite, but you get my point).
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