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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Game balance, presumably. The goal is ti make heavy weapons unusable until late in the game, because they do too much damage. It is easy to get one stat up high, but much harder to get two. That said, there is a real balance problem with HT warrior, who has a much harder time getting max blows than--say--a hobbit warrior. It is a side effect of the partial blows feature that I consider a mistake: that DEX continues to be valuable all the way to 18/220.
Hey, thanks. Ok i see. Still this is quite a turn-off for me. I'm a clv 17 Half-Troll, a huge beast, yet I do more damage with a 1d3 whip than a broad axe with +3,+2. That's just crazy to the point I'd call it a bug.

Is that combat system a recent change or has it been that way for longer?
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