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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Can you give a rough idea of how artifact power depends on monster power and what those fudge factors look like ?
Well, power of an artifact includes a power value for its slays and brands. This is worked out by working out the best slay/brand multiplier against each monster, and then calculating an average multiplier against all monsters weighted by the monster power.

Fudge factors - there are many. One example is when calculating the max damage a monster can deal with a melee blow, the current code multiplies that damage by 4/3 if it is a blow that can stun, or by 7/5 if it is a blow that can cut, to give an idea how relatively dangerous that blow is. This seems kind of reasonable, but is also basically just an arbitrary guess, and then there are dozens of these guesses.

I'm not sure exactly what the best way forward is - we may well end up with something quite similar to now, but I'll be thinking about it and I'm happy to hear suggestions.

Originally Posted by Estie View Post
As for shop pricing, giving that there are items I always buy (free action gloves) and ones I never buy (defender weapon), I dont see how changing prices could possibly be unbalancing, unless it is for consumables - but why would those depend on power calculations.
When these power calculations first started, there was, for example, a big drop in the shop price for Boots of Speed. I don't think there will be huge price changes this time, but there may be some; and certainly randarts will be different in ways I can't really predict.

Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Edit: it seems to be in effect already, I created a randart file and there is artifact with +3 str and +5 stealth, indicating multiple pvals.
Yes, the first changes are in the latest nightlies. There will probably be more randart changes as I clean up the code and see what I break
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