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L89-91. Little of interest here, I pass through quickly.

L92. 6-6. In a tiny vault I find the hard leather cap of Gulion, which is unremarkable except the fact it grants cold immunity, which enables me to engage Huan, wolfhound of the Valar without risking potions. However, it turns out it only works when you actually wear it. I learn this when he gets close to me and destroys 2 restore mana, 1 healing, 1 life and 2 CCW all in a single round.

An undead pit brings me up to CL 49 (817 HP, 383 SP).

L93. 7-7. In the hallways, I kill The Lernean Hydra; Gothmog, high captain of the balrogs; and Omarax the eye tyrant. Amidst all the fuss, I reach CL 50 (831 HP, 391 SP).

I seriously consider leaving the level because it's gotten very dangerous with massive numbers of awakened and summoned monsters wandering around. There's still a small vault unexplored though, so I clear a path there with a lot of teleport other and inside I discover my last spell book, Kelek's Grimoire.

L94. 7-7. Having CL 50 and mass banish completely changes my attitude, in general I've transcended the need to kill things. And when I do want to kill things, it's a lot easier with Mana Storm. Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst and Qlzqqlzuup both die.

L95-98. It's an eerie feeling walking through the dungeons in absolute silence. Nothing wakes up. There's no need to kill anything. As I pass by, I pause only to kill a few uniques: The witch-king of Angmar. Glaurung, father of dragons. Ancalagon the black. Lungorthin, the balrog of white fire.

L99. 4-3. Wandering around looking for Sauron, I meet and kill the Tarrasque, Cantoras the skeletal lord, and Radagast the Brown.

When I finally find him, Sauron is super-easy to kill. Mana storms and a bunch o' banishing.

L100. 7-?. Morgoth doesn't really have a chance. No need for destruction, anti-summoning corridors, or really tactics of any kind. I just hit him with mana storms, banish or teleport away whatever he summons, heal or teleport him temporarily away when I need some breathing room. He dies. My quest is complete.
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