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Angband and Ubuntu

Hi all.
The current situation with Ubuntu is that "they" only support v3.3.2 which is 3+ years old, even on bleeding edge builds like Vivid Vervet (aka 15.04).
It's a shame that has been already reported elsewhere.
In the meanwhile I have somehow managed to compile angband-3.5.0 under my ubuntu 14.04 (LTS). No GTK, no SDL, just nCurses (when I ssh) and X11 (when I'm local).

I have a couple of issues:

1. Exact support file placement. I would like to have my build store those files in /etc/angband just like the official Ubuntu build. I build

2. System wide file permissions. It looks like the installer part of the makefile won't take them into any account, so I have to manually fix it.

3. It seems the v3.3.2 save files are incompatible with v3.5.0's, so "upgrading" won't allowe players to restore those games.

For no.1 it's more about source configuration.
At the moment I have this configuration command:
./configure --enable-x11 --enable-curses --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --with-private-dirs
I am almost there, but not everything fits in the proper directory.

For no.2 I manually run a script to fix permissions.
My system's root user has a restrictive umask set in its .bashrc file, as per best practices. It'd be much better to have the installation procedure to explicitly make directories like "755" and files like "644" instead of relying on some "default" (?) root umask.

For no.3 I have no idea whether there can be a solution.

Any hint?
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