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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
IIRC C*W potions were dice-based back in the day (e.g. 8d4, 8d6, 8d8 healing?), and were basically useless for restoring HP. Then they went to restoring a flat amount (15/30/60?), and now they do percentile-based healing (10/15/20%?), or the flat amount, whichever is more.
That is one of the biggest changes because if you pour money into those potions and you can last 1-2 rounds and the monster can not distance attack (or you are willing to corridor) then you can kill anything. The consumption of healing potions/staff used to be a real critical point which is why a rod of healing (and especially two) meant it was open season on all the uniques you were avoiding. If you can phase or tel-away and then just drink 5 ccw it makes a lot of the game very easy as it isn't that difficult to get 99 of serious/critical. This alone is enough to seriously change how the game can be played.

In regards to ID, I think calling that tedious is one of the things that may have been argued to be reworking for a novice as only a novice id's everything before they pick it up, sell it. It doesn't take much thought for example to use a scroll of remove curse as a sort of mass ID. But beyond that it is inventory and shop management and knowing how to balance resting to trigger ID, etc. . If you are refusing to think about all of that and just want to id everything immediately without any thought then I really think that is not in the spirit of how Angband is played, it certainly isn't by people like Eddie and I never did it as it is too high of a cash out lay.
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