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Originally Posted by CliffStamp View Post
That is one of the biggest changes because if you pour money into those potions and you can last 1-2 rounds and the monster can not distance attack (or you are willing to corridor) then you can kill anything. The consumption of healing potions/staff used to be a real critical point which is why a rod of healing (and especially two) meant it was open season on all the uniques you were avoiding. If you can phase or tel-away and then just drink 5 ccw it makes a lot of the game very easy as it isn't that difficult to get 99 of serious/critical. This alone is enough to seriously change how the game can be played.
I definitely agree, and am happy to hear Magnate say that this has been changed again in 3.4. We're iteratively approaching balanced gameplay.

I think part of the issue here is that, if I recall correctly, one of the previous versions of Angband (3.1.2?) had absolutely terrible availability of consumables -- item drops had been reduced across the board in an attempt to reduce the amount of junk items generated (since most players don't really enjoy sorting through hundreds of items after every pit cleared), and this accidentally hit potions of Healing and the like. I wouldn't be surprised if the C*W potions were stepped up to fill in the gap. Obviously this was a mis-step, which we can now correct.
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