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So I have a bit of time to poke around at your code (and hopefully merge it to v4) but I thought I'd quickly clarify corridor generation.

There are two different mechanisms for generating corridors.

1. The original Angband corridor generator. I haven't really modified this code yet. It respects % versus #, tries to turn in interesting directions, and can sometimes accidentally connect rooms with itself.

2. The code for ensuring dungeon connectedness. I wrote this to use with caverns, and have plugged it into the end of generation as a failsafe. It does not respect things like % versus # and doesn't really worry about "messing up" the way rooms look. It's goal is to connect all floor tiles, with a few exceptions to keep from messing up vaults.

Hope this clarifies things a bit. I think there is room for improving #1 so it produces better (or at least different) kinds of hallways, and there is also probably room for improving #2 so that it pays a bit more attention to room types.
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