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Originally Posted by Sphara View Post
I would wear +10 speed boots any time over Thror boots. You also have speed spell in Sorcery and Evocations book that you're keeping at home. I don't remember rogue spell failure rates lvl 35 rogue should be good already. So if it is anywhere decently castable you should keep at least one copy always with you. The book also has Teleport Other spell. Also getting better arrows certainly wouldn't hurt.

Thror boots may just be better later if you can raise your speed permanently somewhere near +20 with other equipped items.

Otherwise the character is in excellent shape.
Thanks Sphara, I'll take the advice regarding the boots, after all this time I'm still trying to develop a feel for what helps in the deeper dungeon levels.

I've updated the dump a couple of times since my first post, max stats now and some better equipment - after his near death experience last night @ is running through lesser balrog's like they're nothing now, he was even able to take down the Balrog of Moria. Just found a power dragon scale mail too, and that feels like a game changer (and now @ is in serious danger from my cockiness!)
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