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Proofreading the help files

Ok I'm currently porting some of the changes to the help file system from V to PWMAngband and I guess I can post the typos/errors I've found in the help files here.

1) attack.rst

- monster status effects are outdated I think

2) birth.rst

- paladin: "receive prayers at a slower pace then the priest" (than)
- fighting: "This kill increases with the level of the character" (skill)
- stealth: "but can me magically enhanced" (be)
- stat bonus tables: outdated reference to XP modifier ("a Dwarf Priest has [...] an XP modifier of 20+20=40%")
- stat bonus tables + ability tables: the online help only shows the "race" part, the "class" part is not shown

3) command.rst

- open a door: outdated reference to "jammed" doors; "attempt to pick any lock doors" (locked)
- disarm a trap: outdated reference to the "search" command
- inscribe an object: "inventory object election" (selection)
- fire an item: "This command will fire a will allow you to fire a missile" (This command will allow you to fire a missile)
- character description: "including your kill" (skill)
- quiver list: no need to escape the \ char ("\|" -> "|")

More to come as I look at the other files.
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