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11) option.rst

- Center map continuously: "and will how one section at a time" (show)
- hybrid_walls: "This overrides ``solid_walls]``" (remove ])
- Display monster recall: "Display a description of the most monster which has been most recently" (remove 1st "most")
- Display status: why some "???" -> "Display the current status of the player, with permanent or temporary boosts, resistances and status ailments (also available on the main window)." (unless this doesn't work in V, but that's what it does in PWMAngband)

12) playing.rst

- Selection of Objects: obsolete reference to file 'customize.txt'
- original keyset: \* and \- and \+ are not needed (just use * - +), for \` I have no idea what to do (````` is considered as a break and throws an error)

13) version.rst

- "aggrivate monster" (aggravate)
- "I left it with the tudent assistants" (student)

Should be it.
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