Thread: Bugs in 4.2.0
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Originally Posted by renato View Post
Hi all! I'm a long-time player (since about 2006?) but this is my first message here on the forum.

I just had a crash when I had a white wraith under control (necromancer Command ritual) that was trampled by a horned reaper. On reloading, it crashes again if I try to move (even in illegal directions), or do any non-info command (~, =, e, i, l, [] etc. work). Tried already: r (my best shot, to "release" the trampled monster,), mazu{qwAE,.Rstopdghxcv; 'n' doesn't crash but does nothing either.

Do you have ideas on how I can continue the game? It's my second necromancer at CL 45 (the first had an early death).

Let me know if more info is needed.
If you can zip your savefile (and randart file if you're playing randarts) and attach to this thread, that would be great. Thanks for the report.
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