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Z+Angband version 0.2.2 beta released; looking forward

Hey folks.

Z+Angband 0.2.2 is now available, at

The new program is savefile-compatible with the old one. Again, there's a .tar.gz source package and a .zip Windows executable, and I'd love it if anyone could compile on other systems, but this is all I've got.

Changes are detailed in the download file and on the website. Briefly, there are a number of bug fixes: many minor bugs were fixed and a few major ones, including a nasty savefile-corrupting bug, the running-with-a-torch bug, and the bug that caused quest stairs to not show up immediately. There are some game-balance adjustments; most notably, the Conjuration school's common spells have changed somewhat, and Sorcery's ID spell is pushed a little further back. There are also some new features, some by request:

- Game options to supplement the object kind squelch system
- Object source memory (e.g. "It was dropped by a Kobold at 2350'")
- Full object descriptions and quest info in char dumps
- {=gn} inscription tool; see help files for detail.

Please let me know any issues you have with the new release, but do check the changes file so you know what I intended to fix. Hope you all like it!

As always, thanks very much to all those who have been playing, and thanks for the bug reports and other feedback, it's been very helpful.


I have three big things on the horizon for future versions. First, I want to implement quivers, but unlike other variants, I want to have actual quiver objects you must carry around, and that may themselves be vulnerable to fire, theft, or acid. I'm mixed on the idea of including other types of containers (e.g. scroll cases, wand cases, etc.) but there's a load of interesting ideas in there.

Second, do people like the High Mage class? Because I feel like it's underpowered. Is there a way to rescue it so it would be a viable option? For those not familiar, High Mages get only 1 realm instead of 2, but have improved mana costs and learning curve.

Third, and this one is the biggie, Z+Angband (and Z, and other variants) include a LOT of races but they don't really seem balanced to me. No one ever seems to play humans, some races seem superior in all ways to others, et cetera. So I want to take a hard look at racial balance issues, and perhaps introduce some new races.

So any feedback on these design points would be appreciated.
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