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Oposband 0.3 Release

Oposband 0.3.0 "Break the world"

(Latest version 0.3.6)
Windows binary:
Source on Github:

Major changes:
-Probing & ID spells and abilities replaced with other abilities.
-Can use 'x' at birth screen to fully randomize character, and 'S' to randomize sex
-Modified weapon and body armor lists. Many redundant items were removed, names were shuffled around. A few more axe and dagger weapons added.

New options (default):
-Show damage numbers in combat (on), improved message flow and no longer affects score.
-Use XP modifiers as score penalties (or bonuses for < 100%) instead of XP requirements (on). If on all players have a 150% XP modifier (which is lower than the average 190% of normal scores). Replaced smart_learn option.
-No ID (OFF): all items begin the game IDed, all flavors known, etc. All of the normal ID mechanics are still there but now useless.

Minor changes:
-Heaven dungeon is now City of Amber
-Hell dungeon is now Nether Realm (maybe should be Courts of Chaos instead? Then stairway to hell monster could be the Black Road).
-Launchers of Accuracy replaced with Infravision-granting Launchers of Keen Sight
-Priests' water potions are holy water potions and are better for them when quaffed or thrown.
-Water hounds renamed/recolored Acid hounds and new Water hounds added that resist and shoot water.

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