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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
I just saw a hint "The only way to protect your equipment is through immunities." Or was it inventory? Anyway, I thought resistances would protect your stuff -- cut the chances it would be damaged or destroyed. No?
if i understand correctly, having a resist allows the items a saving throw. If you do not resist, say, acid, your stuff will get wrecked at a ridiculous rate. If you *do* resist, you will still occasionally lose an item or a few points of AC, but it's minor. If you have immunity, you never lose anything.

Artifacts are immune to this; generally, the only thing you need to watch out for is, at the start of the game, acid destroys your gear, and mid-game, not having rShards/rSound makes you lose a lot of potions(both these resists are uncommon).
Once you get to the engame, you will rarely if ever lose anything.
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