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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I believe Magnate tried a similar approach with item power levels, except that he used +damage instead of speed as his "everything converts to this somehow". But Nick is trying to find a solution that doesn't involve a bunch of hardcoded fiddle factors.
What if you took all of the resists, abilities, pluses etc from the standard arts and redistributed them on an equal number of weapons, soft/hard/dragon armors, rings, etc? So if there are 40 (made-up number) instances of Resist Poison in the standart set, 40 (probably different) items will have rPoison in an artifact set. Maybe most (again, made-up) are on body armors in standarts, but in this instance it could be mostly on weapons, or boots, or whatever. If 6 items have +2 STR in Standarts 6 items will have it in the randarts, just not the same items and not in the same rune combinations as in the standarts.

The upside is that you could avoid having to use some kind of formula for calculating the power of every possible rune/bonus and just say that the randarts will have the same potential power level as the standarts.
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