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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
Why did you take power and finesse?
With hardiness & armoursmithing at the start it was the only way I could find to survive the 1st 100' reliably. Of course I could of took more melee/evasion instead of hardiness but I was aiming for a versatility archer anyway, so I tried to avoid a lot of melee skill. I'm actually undecided whether charge is really a better option then power/finesse with versatility. If I can get away with as much of my melee skill coming from archery & perception I will.

Of course in practice I've had better luck with charge, so maybe it's just a bad plan.

Re: Armoursmithing, yeah it's probably did cost me too much. I figured I only had to hit 9 for speed boots. 'but then again it's probably smarter to just take take sprinting. I've got a soft spot for smith & tend to justify it any way I can, whether it good or not. I tend to just enjoy playing smiths more then non-smiths.
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