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Doesn't seem to be a comprehansive beginners guide floating around. The long and short of it is you want to build more evasion and melee in equal measure, maybe with a slight focus on evasion (depending on your gear). I like 6 stealth for opportunist and not drawing aggro from the wholelevel on sight. Get some Will when you start envountering Wights; start eyeing poison resistance if you survive to werewolf depth. Usually it's easy sailing from there on provided yu find good gear and continue to pump evasion/melee (aim for at least 20/20 by 1000'; preferrably more).

Your starter build is pretty suboptimal by the by; if you're not gonna smith it's better to be a Fingolfin, and 3443/2543 spreads are more stat effective than 3532.

Above all, just play to have fun and try to figure out what killed you. The odds for any single character to make it playing blind aren't great.

Btw are you playing a vriant? Who's John?
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