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Random artifact thoughts

1. Considering that the Second Age is supposed to be more advanced than the Third Age, why is the crown of gondor better than the crown of Numenor?

2. Howabout renaming it the Dragon Helm of Dor-Lomin, its more proper name, especially now that the Children of Hurin has been published?

3. Shouldn't Dagmor be more powerful if it cut a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown? and shouldn't the Spear of Melkor be a bit more powerful if wielded by one of the most powerful of the Ainur?

4. Almost sacrilegious or even Olog-ish to suggest, but considering many people's first exposure to Tolkien nowadays will come from the movies for the younger generation, why not stick in the Sword of Idril that Arwen wields? While you're at it, you can add in Lurtz the Uruk Hai chieftain, the Axe of Gimli, Merry's Dagger of Westernesse, etc. And the Quarterstaff of Olorin should be made more powerful, considering how Gandalf defeated that Balrog with it. Maybe more for the variants than for Vanilla.
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