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Hi and thanks for your work! I tested it on Ubuntu 20.10, overwriting the system package which was already installed. There are some small issues that mostly relate to the upgrade process:

1. During installation I get this warning:
dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/etc/angband/pref': Directory not empty
dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory '/etc/angband/edit': Directory not empty
Content of those folders after installation:
$ ls /etc/angband/pref/
flvr-dvg.prf  font.prf      graf-new.prf  message.prf   xtra-shb.prf
flvr-new.prf  font-sdl.prf  graf-nmd.prf  pref.prf      xtra-xxx.prf
flvr-nmd.prf  font-win.prf  graf.prf      user.prf
flvr-shb.prf  font-x11.prf  graf-shb.prf  xtra-dvg.prf
flvr-xxx.prf  font-xxx.prf  graf-xxx.prf  xtra-new.prf
font-gcu.prf  graf-dvg.prf  keys-gcu.prf  xtra-nmd.prf
$ ls /etc/angband/edit/
artifact.txt  limits.txt        object_base.txt  p_hist.txt         spell.txt
ego_item.txt  monster_base.txt  object.txt       pit.txt            store.txt
flavor.txt    monster.txt       pain.txt         p_race.txt         terrain.txt
hints.txt     names.txt         p_class.txt      room_template.txt  vault.txt
2. When running the game, I got the error "Savefile block can't be read" so I had to delete /var/games/angband/save/Mysavefile.

3. In the help files, the version is described as Angband 4.2.1-g560afcb0-dirty; is that normal?
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