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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Hi fph, many thanks for the feedback. The "4.2.1-commitID-dirty" is because these debs were not built from the exact 4.2.1 tagged commit on github. The eventual released package will be called 4.2.1-debian (or more likely 4.2.2-debian!).

The first set of errors are because the lib/ file structures have changed since 3.5.1 (which is what I presume you were upgrading from, it's the last packaged version), so this is exactly what I needed to know - I will let you know when those are fixed.

The savefile error is I assume because savefiles from 3.5.1 are not readable by 4.2.1 - if that's right then I can't fix this, sorry!
Thanks! Yes, I agree with you on the diagnosis.

For the savefile, maybe you could (1) move the old savefiles to another folder such as /var/games/angband/oldsave-4.2.1/ , so that the new version runs out of the box, and then (2) warn via webconf during the upgrade process that the old savefiles are not playable anymore and have been moved to that folder as a backup.
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