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From a gameplay perspective, I didn't want to give the player any way to reduce the penalty. It's not something they can manage easily to make not a problem, but just have to deal with. Some mitigating factors: you can use your racial advantages to avoid killing monsters. Half-trolls can use CON to take damage without fighting, for instance. Also, the higher a monster's base XP, the less sorrow it causes, so as you go deeper, it's less dangerous to kill. (The idea being that dragons and balrogs are less "innocent" than fruit bats and yeeks. Somewhere in the monster list this probably seems weird, but I didn't want to get into that in order to keep the patch simple.)

From a thematic perspective (which... I'm just now making up because I didn't think this far ahead):

Half-trolls and half-orcs grow up in human society, bastard children, spat on, neglected, etc, for their "intrinsic" evil. Some half-trolls and half-orcs rejoin their ancestors as servants of Morgoth, but those are not the ones who heed the call to go to that little town on top of that big iron prison... Half-trolls and half-orcs identify with monsters, since they are monsters themselves, but are not on the side of evil.
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