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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I'd be fine with nerfing the RoP speeds a bit - 2,3,4, maybe?
Why do they need speed at all? In fact I'd say that the relatively recent addition of speed to several items (and additional items that have speed, e.g. Trickery) is a lot of the source of easiness in the game. Adding speed to lots of items reduces a lot of equipment pressure. It does smooth out the difficulty curve considerably...but perhaps there's something to be said for a jagged difficulty curve.

Which ones here - !CCW, maybe? I do think that the greater access to healing for all classes has kind of made the game easier (or put another way, is a relative nerf to Priests).
Being able to spam CCW in most situations does make the game a lot easier, though this change mostly affects ironman characters. *shrug*
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