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Originally, Rings of Power had +1,+2,+3 speed corresponding to the pval for stats. This meant it wasn't feasible to wear two unless you had a big speed artifact (Ringil, Cubragol, Feanor.)

I don't recall if there are others that got a boost, except Carlammas--again, unnecessary.
Originally Posted by Nick View Post
What do you mean by this - the fact that they have a max depth at all, or the specific values?

I'd be fine with nerfing the RoP speeds a bit - 2,3,4, maybe?

What other artifacts have been overpowered?
The really overpowered ones are Dwarves and Speed. +2 CON/STR and a few high resists make it a no-brainer. Add that to PDSM or BaDSM, and you have something better than most any artifact armor in the game. Together with the big ego weapons being easy to find, they make artifactless play just about as easy as with artifacts.
I'd say keep stealth and craftsmanship, Nerf speed to +3 max, and maybe keep resistance.
My understanding is that these were introduced to try and make DSMs a bit more usable. Looking at them, I would say that Resistance, Elvenkind and Speed are the only ones that look as if they might be overpowered, and they are pretty rare. How much of a problem is this?
!CCW yes, in particular. But early in the game, same with !CSW and even !CLW at the start. Also ?Phase in ironman play. On further thought, this really only affects ironman, because in 3.0 I regularly bought out the alchemist to get !CCW when I was short on healing. It's now impossible to do.

Which ones here - !CCW, maybe? I do think that the greater access to healing for all classes has kind of made the game easier (or put another way, is a relative nerf to Priests).

I'd appreciate everyone's thoughts on this - apologies to the OP for kind of hijacking the thread

I thought of one more: Charisma. It only really mattered early in the game, but stingy shopkeepers made _Teleport and even really basic consumables a much more problematic purchase. Now you can afford a whole lot more. Make the prices dependent on max dungeon level as a proxy, perhaps.
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