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Originally Posted by fph View Post
Minor suggestion: would it be possible to rename the multiple Dexterities and Graces in the tree to differentiate them, just for ease of discussion and dump-reading?
If you have no better ideas for the names, even something unimaginative like legendary dexterity and prodigious dexterity would do.
Evasion dexterity: Agility
Stealth dexterity: Deftness
Archery dexterity: Adroitness? Celerity? Leave it as is?

Perception grace: Discernment? Acumen?
Smithing grace: Elegance? Taste?
Song grace: Resonance? Mellifluousness?

the grace ones are much harder to come up with alternative names for.

also, the Constitution skill in the Will tree could be renamed to almost anything on this list.
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