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4.0.5 crash

With any luck I've attached a save file that makes my copy of the game reliably crash. I'm running 4.0.5. I built it myself from source on my Linux box, but didn't make any source-code changes. My executable is configured with:
./configure --with-no-install --disable-x11 --prefix=`pwd`
i.e. "curses" only; no X stuff.

I've played with this version for a long time without problems. Today, my character went down a flight of stairs, and the program crashed. The panic save worked, producing the attached save file. I can start up the game using this file, but if I immediately exit (cntrl-X) without taking any action, the game crashes again.

It appears to be catching a signal right at the very last moment; deallocating memory prior to exiting. I didn't want to dig into the problem any deeper than that until/unless someone else can confirm (or deny) that this problem is real, rather than e.g. some quirk of my particular system and my particular build.

Let me know if I can provide any additional information.
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