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Whilst hallucinating, Morgoth, Lord of Darkness will always display as "Melkor, Rightful King of Arda" (or somesuch, can't remember exactly). Useful for when you get blasted by some H or another in the throneroom and don't want to let up (or at least it would be if Herbs of Rage weren't as prevalent in it.

As for actually useful tricks: Doors! Intelligent melee pack monsters will always open doors closed by the player, and will generally try to occupy previously closed doorways, even if this would cause them to enter 1v1 melee situations. Conversely, Archers will never open a door adjacent to a player no matter their morale, meaning a closed door usually gives some respite to heal up midfight (or midrunningaway). Closing adjacent doors is also useful when you have cornered an archer at the mouth of a corridor and want to avoid enemies still within the corridor from firing at you. Granted a lot of monsters will eventually start bashing doors, but proper door control is still what makes large packs of orcs and cats bearable in the early-to midgame.

Similarily, it's pretty easy to score potshots on packs in rooms from within corridors by dancing back and forth a few tiles from from the corridor entrance, enticing monsters to attempt pursuit before backing away to avoid being fired upon.

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