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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
Light on player tile affects morale on light sensitive enemies (light level -3 as penalty afaik). High native light + floor lamp should already reach a zone where song of trees works as selective Elbereth. (Now this is hardly useful as trolls resist fear and need an active effect to be put to flight even if they already have negative morale.) E.g. if there were two tile wide floors a double line of lamps (with you standing on it) should be better than warding against light sensitive opponents.
I'm starting to get a better appreciation for this as a viable tactic. I noticed today that a feanorian lamp of brightness + doriath sword + wolfbane is enough to make werewolves flee on sight. I'm actually pretty impressed how well thought out the morale mechanics are.

Edit: & horn of terror + staff of light just saved me while webbed from a spider of Gorgoroth.

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